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We must uphold the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for EVERYONE!

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TOGETHER, both Democrats AND Republicans have willingly put their own interests above that of the American PEOPLE!

  • Over $27 trillion in debt, with trillions more spent each and every year

  • Endless wars overseas and here at home

  • Unachievable healthcare and higher education costs

  • The highest incarceration rate in the world, over HALF of which for "victimless crimes"

  • A broken and flawed retirement system, with no guarantee of security for future generations

  • Taxes and tariffs that are destroying markets for American businesses and farmers, while raising consumer prices

  • Energy policies driven by special interests, rather than sound, efficient technologies provided by a FREE & OPEN MARKET


TOGETHER, WE THE PEOPLE can put our differences aside, HEAL, UNITE, & PROSPER!

  • Eliminate unfair and unjust taxation without representation


  • Remove subsidies and open the market for healthcare and higher education - eliminate occupational licensing laws

  • Rid the books of ALL "victimless crimes", if there is no victim, there is no crime

  • Allow opt-in option for Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid, putting retirement power back in the hands of individuals

  • OPEN THE MARKET to all voluntary and consensual adult interactions and transactions

  • End ALL government subsidy to energy companies, including fossil fuels, allow for natural competition to thrive


May 16, 2021  7pm - 8pm

LPWI ExCom Meeting


All LPWI Members are free to join us fro this month's ExCom Meeting!

We have so many gears turning here in our state party and there's much to be done, so make sure you don't miss out!

May 19, 2021  6pm - 8pm

The Greater Bay LP Meetup StadiumView Bar and Grill

We will be hosting our monthly meetup for local Libertarian-minded folks from he Brown County and the surrounding areas!

2022 Libertarian Candidate for Congressional District 8, Jacob VandenPlas will be in attendance; as well as official representatives of the LPWI and other local affiliates!

May 22, 2021  6pm - 8pm

LP of Door County Meetup


Saturday, May 22nd from 6pm-8pm we will be holding our monthly LPDC meeting @ Brick Lot Pub & Grill in Sturgeon Bay!  Make sure to come down and join in on the conversation of how we can make REAL change!

American Legion Bowling

Veterans for VandenPlas


I had a great time at the American Legion bowling tournament in Green Bay!

What a great group of people.  Lots of raffles, fundraising for CP, and just enjoying the camaraderie between veterans.  Felt GREAT! I encourage every soldier not involved to join us!!

Jake for LPWI Vice-Chair!

Special Announcement!





As a nation with freedom, civilization, knowledge, technology, and the means to cooperate; we should set an example for the rest of the world and always seek peace with our worldly neighbors.  Bombs and bullets rarely cross borders, when goods and services do.  We must also end the egregious war against our own people right here on our streets.  End the war on drugs, hold our "officials" and "agents" accountable, and remove all legislation that actively creates criminals out of everyday people, even when there is no victim.

Our citizens and countless future generations are now $27 TRILLION in debt due to out-of-control BIG-government spending, coupled with destructive fiat, fractional-reserve monetary policy!  We must AUDIT and then ELIMINATE the private banking conglomerate known as the Federal Reserve.  It is beyond time to bring this vehicle to screeching halt, before it is too late and our nation is driven right off a cliff into financial ruin, the likes of which we've never seen!  Our communities cannot continue to pay for the failures of our elected "representatives" in Washington D.C.  I will work to eliminate the federal Income Tax and reign in government spending. 


Our country, and thus countless future generations, now $27 TRILLION in debt is on the brink of financial ruin.  Decades of destructive fiscal policymaking and egregious BIG-government spending have ravaged the wealth and prosperity of our communities.  BILLIONS a year wasted with absolutely NO accountability whatsoever.  Americans should not carry this burden, it's time we eliminate the Federal Income Tax and put that money back into their pockets!

The sole role and purpose of government, instituted by the PEOPLE, should be to uphold, defend, and respect the individual LIBERTY of each and every human who calls our shores their home!  For DECADES, elected "representatives" in local, state, and national government have used their positions of power to impose their will upon their fellow neighbors and countrymen.  We've seen the slippery slope of "good intentions" that have lead to an out-of-control Authoritarian State that can no longer be contained by the confines of the Constitution.  Return the power to the people, let them make their own decisions, and use government only when the natural born rights of someone are being inflicted upon.


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"We need to put the power

back into the hands of

of our wealth and prosperity,

not crony politicians."



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